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Resources for Sub-Recipients

Here you can find an organized list of all the forms you need. We've also included some overviews, instructions, and other materials you may find helpful. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know!

SESP Overview

SESP Brochure (PDF, 960 KB)

SESP Overview (Powerpoint, 3.9 MB)

SESP Solicitation for Grant Applications (PDF, 128 KB)

Selective Service Information

Fast Facts: Selective Service (PDF, 192 KB)

Who Must Register for Selective Service? (PDF, 192 KB)

Selective Service Status Request Letter (PDF, 192 KB)

The RAD System

Incumbent Worker Follow-Up System - Video Tutorial (link to streaming video, 14:04)

RAD Glossary (PDF, 338 KB)

RAD User Guide (PDF, 1.2 MB)

RAD FAQs (Word, 32 KB)

RAD Training Overview (Powerpoint, 4.4 MB)

RAD Guidance Memo (PDF, 71 KB)

Participant Intake

SESP Application Instructions and Definitions (PDF, 66 KB)

Training Plan and Assessment Tool (PDF, 12 KB)

Statement of Attestation (Word, 32 KB)

Scholarship Application Form (PDF, 340 KB)

Eligibility Crosswalk Chart (Excel, 32 KB)

Eligibility Crosswalk Overview (PDF, 32 KB)

Policy Memos

RAD Employment and Retention Memo, December 2012 (PDF, 46 KB)

Final Reporting Memo, November 2012 (PDF, 48 KB)

Incumbent Worker Training Memo, July 2012 (PDF, 71 KB)

Unemployed Worker Training Memo (PDF, 56 KB)

RAD Guidance Memo (PDF, 71 KB)

Paid Work Experience (PWE) and Paid Internships Memo (PDF, 159 KB)

Incumbent Worker Training Memo (PDF, 44 KB)

ETPL Approval of All "Green" Courses in the UH System (PDF, 46 KB)


Core Monitoring Guide, Financial Supplement (PDF, 1.2 MB)

On-Site Monitoring Overview (Word, 32 KB)

On-Site Review Checklist (Word, 32 KB)

On-the-Job Training

OJT Policies and Procedures Manual (Word, 128 KB)

Fiscal Reporting and Invoicing

Fiscal Reporting Form Instructions (PDF, 416 KB)

OMB Allowable Cost List (PDF, 96 KB)

Request for Advance or Reimbursement (Excel, 64 KB)

Signature Certification Form for Request for Advance or Reimbursement (Excel, 32 KB)

Expenditure Form (Excel, 32 KB)

Inventory Listing Form (Excel, 64 KB)

Supplement to Invoice Form (Excel, 32 KB)

Quarterly Reporting

Reporting Dates for 2012 (PDF, 11 KB)

1512 Quarterly Reporting Form (Word, 32 KB)

Quarterly Narrative Report Instructions (PDF, 15 KB)

Leveraged Resources

Match and Leveraged Resources (PDF, 23 KB)

Program Income and Non-Grant Expense Form (Excel, 32 KB)

WDC Expenditure Register Program Income and Non-Grant Activities (PDF, 20 KB)