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On-the-job and incumbent worker training

Employers who are looking to hire new employees can access through SESP a qualified pool of workers who have recently obtained or are enrolled in a certificate program in their field.

To offset the cost of training, eligible employers may receive reimbursement for 50%-90% of their new employees' wages during the on-the-job training period.

In addition, employers can improve their competitive edge by building their current employees' skill sets. The SESP program offers qualified employers the ability to train their own workers at little to no cost to the employer.

SESP provides OJT funding for "green" skills training. OJT funding for non-"green" occupations is also available; click here to learn more about those options.

OJT Contracts for Oahu Employers

OJT Contracts for Neighbor Island Employers

For More Information

Ensure that both current workers and potential hires can meet the changing demands of your business. Contact your county's local One-Stop Center for more details, or for help filling out any of the above forms:

You can also contact your local community college: