About This Provider

Medcerts, LLC

Offering training in Hawai'i County

Description of School

MedCerts is a distance learning initiative to provide self-paced, user-friendly multimedia, simulations, and more importantly, mentored learning assistance from expert instructors and certification professionals. Our comprehensive video-based training programs provide students with the knowledge and skills required to obtain nationally and internationally recognized certifications in growing specialized Healthcare and IT fields.

Our mission is to prepare students and workers for high-demand jobs and careers. To this effect, our instructors develop and offer individualized short-duration training courses in health information systems administration---including information technology (IT) and medical administrative assistant certifications.

We provide the necessary skills to earn nationally and internationally recognized certifications in high-demand areas. The main beneficiaries of the program are the underemployed, unemployed, disabled, dislocated workers and students. But, also individuals interested in changing careers or improving their information-age skills.

The short programs (3-6 months) are taught using innovative, friendly, mentor-assisted, self-paced learning technologies. So, students and participants can set their own learning schedule and pace depending on their needs and career goals.

These career certification training programs are offered as non-credit continuing-education and do not lead to an academic degree.

Accreditation and/or Licensing Agency

MedCerts is licensed as a Proprietary School with the State of Michigan. Each of our Healthcare and IT programs has been reviewed and approved by the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Additionally, MedCerts is fully Accredited by the Indiana State Workforce Innovation Council (SWIC).

Financial Aid Options

Medcerts works with varies government funding options, students are also welcome to self pay or apply for private loans.

Disability Accessible

Yes. This provider is accessible to people with disabilities.

Job Placement

Yes. This provider does offer job placement services to its students.

Contact Information

Contact Person:
Janea Rudder - Workforce Compliance Manager

13955 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48154





ETP Approval Dates

Last Approved On: November 7, 2016
Valid Through: June 30, 2018

13 Programs Available

  1. HI-1000 - Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Program
  2. HI-1100 - Medical Billing Specialist Program
  3. HI-1200 - Medical Front Office Administration Program
  4. HI-2000 - Medication Care Coordinator Program
  5. HI-2100 - Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program
  6. HI-3000 - Medical Front Office and Electronic Health Records Program
  7. HI-3100 - Electronic Health Records Specialist Program
  8. HI-4000 - Electronic Health Records & Reimbursement Specialist Program
  9. HI-5100 - Professional Coder Program
  10. HI-9000 - Allied Healthcare Professional Program
  11. IT-2000 - IT Helpdesk Administrator Program
  12. IT-2100 - PC Technician Program
  13. IT-2200 - IT Network Technician Program