About This Provider

Dev League LLC

Offering training in City & County of Honolulu

Description of School

Located in Hawaii, DevLeague (https://www.devleague.com/) is the premier technical boot camp in the Pacific, designed to provide mentorship and advanced technical training to motivated individuals seeking a career path in modern technology. We teach in-demand technical skills such as JavaScript Software Engineer, Cyber Security Professional, Big Data Analyst and Enterprise Software Developer and introduce our graduates introduce our graduates to hiring managers to get their career start in the software industry.

Accreditation and/or Licensing Agency


Financial Aid Options

  1. The Dev League Elevate Scholarship Fund is a needs-based scholarship program to assist students with tuition to our boot camp. At least 25 percent of the Fund will be reserved for female applicants to encourage diversity in the web software developer community.
  2. Tuition installment plan is available through our third-party partner TADS.
  3. Tuition loan program are available through our third-party partners Skills Fund and Climb. 
  4. Crowdfunding loan program is available through our third-party partner WeFinance.

Disability Accessible

Yes. This provider is accessible to people with disabilities.

Job Placement

Yes. This provider does offer job placement services to its students.

Contact Information

Contact Person:
Russel Cheng

2800 Woodlawn Dr, Suite 138
Honolulu, HI 96822

(808) 859-0917

None provided



ETP Approval Dates

Last Approved On: July 1, 2016
Valid Through: June 30, 2019

6 Programs Available

  1. 16 week Full-Time Accelerated Learning Program in Web Software Development
  2. 30 week Part-Time Accelerated Learning Program in Web Software Development
  3. 4-week Prep Course Web Software Development
  4. Big Data Analyst
  5. Cyber Security Professional
  6. Enterprise Software Developer