About This Provider

Leeward Community College Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Offering training in City & County of Honolulu

Description of School

The Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development (OCEWD) is the non-credit division of Leeward Community College offering an extensive suite of services to the community. OCEWD provides a variety of community education programs, employment training courses and cultural enrichment. Our programs support human resources and economic development, training courses for job seekers, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Accreditation and/or Licensing Agency

Leeward Community College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. It assures the public that Leeward meets or exceeds specific standards of quality; makes us eligible to participate in Title IV student financial aid programs; and provides us with self and peer review and encourages us to improve.

Financial Aid Options

Our goal is to make our courses as accessible as possible. We offer various forms of financial assistance, for select courses, and we continually work to acquire additional sources of financial aid. Please see the listing below to determine if you qualify for any existing financial assistance.

Disability Accessible

Yes. This provider is accessible to people with disabilities.

Job Placement

No. This provider does not offer job placement services to its students.

Contact Information

Contact Person:
OCEWD - Registration Office

96-045 Ala Ike CE101
Pearl City, HI 96782

(808) 455-0477

(808) 453-6730



ETP Approval Dates

Last Approved On: July 1, 2016
Valid Through: June 30, 2017

104 Programs Available

  1. Accounting (AAS)
  2. Accounting (CA)
  3. Adult Residential Care Home Modules (ARCH)
  4. Advanced Diagnosis Coding
  5. Advanced Manufacturing/Integrated Systems
  6. Advanced Manufacturing/Integrated Systems Technology Program
  7. Advanced Medical Terminology
  8. Advanced Networking (CC)
  9. Advanced Procedure Coding
  10. Advanced Solar Photovoltaic Training
  11. Alternative Certification for CTE Licensure
  12. Associate in Applied Science Degree Culinary Arts
  13. Associate in Science Degree in Business Technology
  14. Associate in science in Natural Science Degree (ASNS)
  15. Automotive Technology (AAS)
  16. Automotive Technology (CA)
  17. Automotive Technology (CC)
  18. Baking (CC)
  19. Basic Networking (CC)
  20. Basic Technical Skills for Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems
  21. Basic Training in Landscaping Maintenance and Installation
  22. Biofuels Operator Program
  23. Biofuels Technology Program
  24. Business
  25. Business Technology (AAS)
  26. Business Technology (CA)
  27. Business Technology (CC)
  28. Certified Coding Associate
  29. Certified Coding Series (AHIMA)
  30. Certified Coding Specialist Professional Practice Experience
  31. Certified Energy Auditor
  32. Certified Energy Auditor Program
  33. Certified Nursing Aide (State Certified)
  34. CHAA Exam Prep
  35. Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)
  36. Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Training Program (110 Hours)
  37. Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Training Program (95 Hours)
  38. Commercial Motor Vehicle Training - CDL B Upgrade
  39. Digital Media
  40. Digital Media Production
  41. Digital Media Production (CA)
  42. Digital Media Professional Development
  43. Digital Photography
  44. Digital Video (CC)
  45. Dining (CC)
  46. Disease Pathology and Pharmacology
  47. Education
  48. Facilities Maintenance and Green Construction
  49. Facilities Maintenance I: Carpentry and Drywall
  50. Facilities Maintenance II: Plumbing and Electricity
  51. Facilities Maintenance III: General Building and Grounds
  52. Food Safety & Sanitation - ServSafe 16 Hour Food Handler Certification
  53. Food Service (AAS)
  54. Fundamentals of a Photovoltaic System
  55. Graphic Design (CC)
  56. Green Awareness Certificate
  57. Health Care Management (CC)
  58. Health Information Technology
  59. Health Information Technology and Healthcare Delivery
  60. Housekeeping & Custodial Green Line Training
  61. Human Services
  62. Information and Computer Science (AS)
  63. Introduction to Computers and Windows
  64. Introduction to Diagnosis Coding
  65. Introduction to Photovoltaic Design and Installation
  66. Introduction to Procedure Coding
  67. Leadership Management Education & Training (LMET)
  68. Management (AAS)
  69. Management (CC)
  70. Management Essentials (CC)
  71. Math and Reading for the Workplace
  72. Mechatronics Program - Advanced Manufacturing
  73. Mechatronics Program - Transit Operations
  74. Medical Reimbursement Specialist
  75. Microsoft Excel I: Fundamentals of Excel
  76. Microsoft Excel II: Budgets and Presentations
  77. Microsoft Excel III: Data Analysis
  78. Microsoft Word I: Fundamentals of Word
  79. Microsoft Word II: Mail Merge and Marketing
  80. Microsoft Word III: Reviewing and Sharing
  81. Motion Graphics (CC)
  82. Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach Prep (Hawaii Edition)
  83. Office Administration & Technology Program (Keyboarding, File Management, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  84. Patient Care Technician
  85. Patient Service Representative
  86. Pharmacy Technician
  87. Preparation Cook (CA)
  88. Preparation Cook (CC)
  89. Process Plant Operator Program
  90. Process Technology
  91. Process Technology (PTEC) Program
  92. PSR Enrichment Course
  93. Retail Operations Program
  94. Retain Management (CA)
  95. Sales and Marketing
  96. Solar Technical Sales
  97. Substance Abuse Counseling Program
  98. Television Production (AS)
  99. Television Production (CA)
  100. Television Production (CC)
  101. Transportation-related Certification/Licenses
  102. Travel Industry (CC)
  103. Web Architecture
  104. Web Design (CC)