On-line Survey of Prevailing Wages

(Work performed on residential or commercial buildings only)
Summary of Duties:
The duties are not restricted to the type of material the window film is made of. All work must conform to the Federal and State occupational safety and health regulations.
Work Performed:
1. Thorough cleaning of the windows and the frame to prepare for the window film installation.
2. Measure and cut window film so they measure about 1/2-1" larger than the window on all sides.
3. Apply liquid solution to the window pane using a spray bottle or spray tank.
4. Remove the backing liner from the film and apply the film to the window.
5. With a Teflon card and/or squeegee, apply pressure to flatten the window film and smooth over the glass, removing all air bubbles.
6. Trim the excess window film on all sides.
Tools and Equipment:
Spray bottle, spray tank, Teflon hard card, squeegee, utility knife, ladder, step stool, lint free microfiber towel, high quality paper towel.