On-line Survey of Prevailing Wages

(Work performed on construction projects only)
Summary of Duties:
Treats termite-infested buildings with a chemical solution to prevent their destructive attack on woodwork. May treat ground for same purpose.
Work Performed:
1. Inspects building, testing the structural members, walls and other woodwork with a hammer, ice pick or electric drill to determine whether internal structure has been weakened by termites.
2. Drills holes in concrete, brick or masonry walls or pillars with an electric hammer (rock drilling machine) and in wooden props, timbers and beams with an electric drill at all points where termites might gain entrance to the building from their subterranean nest.
3. Inserts nozzle in holes and opens compressed-air valve of treating unit to form termiticide (chemical solution) under pressure into holes.
4. Treat the ground with termiticide.